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Shirley’s new kitchen and bathroom

We were contracted to do a complete kitchen and bathroom revamp.

Chinor’s investment project

An old home that was given a completely new update.

Stevenson family’s bathrooms redesign

Two adjacent bathrooms were completely redesigned and reconfigured.

Ashkar’s investment property revamp

This investment property received a complete makeover.

Ricardo’s home improvement

This home renovation included two complete bathrooms and a kitchen remodel.

Mahdi’s investment Property

This investment property was designed with meticulous detail.

Rj’s Galley style kitchen

This kitchen received a massive transformational lift.

Shemeck’s home refinishing and remodel

This home was beautifully revamped with cabinet refinishing.

Maria’s European kitchen

A kitchen space that was designed to open up her kitchen space.

Penelope’s updated kitchen

A kitchen space that was remodeled to create a more airy clean environment.

Eric’s bathroom remodel

A bathroom remodel that was designed for a more refined style.

Dora’s new kitchen island and bakers pantry

An open concept kitchen that was designed to keep the space warm and cozy.

Nicole’s Project

The goal was to make a bold statement using Calacatta Lavasa quartz, it turns heads every time.

Donte’s Project

Donte’s investment property was totally revamped and received major rehabilitation.

Chris & Pat’s Project

Chris and Pat hired DFC to revamp their lake house in Mineral VA.

Askar’s Manassas Project

This house was modernized with an open concept kitchen.

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